“Altopiano di Pinè”

The landscapes of the Cembra Valley and the Piné Plateau are characterized by hills covered with vineyards dotted by small villages, gentle hills covered with woods, meadows and enriched by the presence of several swimming lakes.


Placid lakes set among the woods , breathtaking view on the Brenta chain, but also small towns, churches and world-class sports facilities: all this it is the territory of Baselga di Pine, the main center of the homonymous plateau, and heart of the tourist and recreational activities . Here the holiday is not only nature and sport, but also contact with the culture, the history, the spirituality.

The territory of Baselga di Pine consists of 10 villages, located 967 meters above sea level. The presence on its territory of the Lake of Serràia, the habitat of the Laghestel, the famous Marian Shrine of Montagnaga , modern accommodation, a prestigious conference center and a stadium of artificial ice of international importance, he has made it one of the best known places of Trentino, which each year attracts a large number of tourists.

In summer you can spend your days relaxing lakes Serràia and squares Plateau Piné or on the shores of the Holy Lake in Cembra Valley. A curiosity: the Lake Serràia every year long the Dragon boat canoe compete in spectacular races. Sull ‘ Pinè Plateau There are many paths for walking in the woods – on foot, by mountain bike, and why not? horseback – suitable for the whole family.

In winter, the ‘ Ice Rink Miola di Pine is ideal for fun days on the ice with the entire family. Also in Miola, during the Christmas period is the Paes of PreSep : the country is changing and every house, every wound has a crib; for children on a treasure hunt not to be missed , lots of fun and good food for all. And then, curling … if you want to try it, the Palacurling Cembra awaits!

Archivio A.p.T. Piné Cembra - ph P. Fiorini (8)
Archivio A.p.T. Piné Cembra - ph F. Comello (5)
Archivio A.p.T. Piné Cembra - ph P. Fiorini (1)